Construction Safety and Certifications

Our Safety Principles

At CAMP Facility Services, we share a common commitment to the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public. Our dedication is reflected in a culture that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.
CAMP takes safety seriously and has plenty of certifications.
CAMP takes safety precautions seriously for all involved.

Our Commitment

CAMP’s Safety Values
CAMP Facility Services prioritizes safety with an impressive EMR of 0.66 in 2023 and a TRIR of 0.67 in 2022, aligning with our core values.

Make CAMP the BEST

We ensure everyone has the knowledge, training, and equipment for safety and success on every project.
Teamwork is Everything
The safety team collaborates with customers, subcontractors, and employees, emphasizing professionalism through ongoing professional education for an evolving safety culture.
Be Professional
We are committed to continuously improving ourselves through professional educational courses, seminars,and conferences to continuously improve our safety culture and practices.

Focused on Safety

Ensuring safety is our top priority on every job site, protecting both workers and property residents. We stress the significance of safe task completion through various measures, including weekly safety meetings, orientation training, OSHA sessions, insurance visits, site inspections, and safety software for daily onsite assessments. Coordination among safety officers and various team members guarantees a comprehensive approach to maintaining secure worksites.
CAMP's safety and certifications

Safety is Our Priority

CAMP mandates OSHA 30-hour or OSHA 10-hour training for all construction team members. Our superintendents and project managers are CPR and first-aid trained, enabling a comprehensive approach to project analysis, minimizing oversights, and ensuring safe operations.
At CAMP, safety is a collective commitment. We believe in the involvement of every team member at all levels to prioritize safety. Our goal is for everyone to return home safely every night, ensuring a secure working environment on our sites.