Case Study - Repairs and Maintenance

Texas Apartment Communities

About the project

CAMP Facility Services takes immense pride in offering facilities services maintenance that meets the diverse needs of our clients.
Property managers know that a trusted full-service contractor is great to have on call for those times when maintenance is needed. In Texas, property managers often turn to CAMP Facility Services when repairs need to be made fast. Here’s the story of how CAMP helped three of them.


Repairs need to be done often in apartment communities, not only for aesthetic reasons but for the safety of residents and visitors alike. For maintenance and repairs, some of the best-known apartment communities in Texas turn to CAMP Facility Services. When three different properties needed maintenance and repairs, CAMP was there.

Challenge 1

Asset Living at Campus Vue in Houston, TX, faced a challenge when a curb became a tripping hazard; they needed a team to fix the problem, restoring safety within their community.

Challenge 2

ZRS Management at Metro Midtown in Houston, TX, also needed concrete repair caused by failing flashing at the edges of a breezeway.

Challenge 3

Greystar at Village by the Sea in Galveston, TX, needed drywall repairs for a resident’s bathroom, where hot water vapor wreaked havoc.


Repairs and maintenance are just one of the many areas of expertise that CAMP is known for, and these projects were completed with precision and care. The team, led by General Manager James Ruwaldt and Services Manager Sammy Paredes, began the repairs immediately.

Solution 1

The CAMP team addressed the hazardous curb at Campus Vue. Through meticulous assessment and skilled repair, they resolved the tripping hazard and enhanced the overall safety within the premises.

Solution 2

CAMP executed precise concrete repairs at Metro Midtown’s breezeway, ZRS Management, addressing structural concerns and visual appeal.

Solution 3

By addressing the impact of hot water vapor on the drywall at Greystar at Village by the Sea, they resolved the issue and ensured a durable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom environment.


Repairs and maintenance are necessary to the enjoyment of multifamily living, for current and future residents. With a focus on meeting deadlines and adhering to budgets, the team successfully executed repairs at Asset Living’s Campus Vue, ZRS Management’s Metro Midtown, and Greystar’s Village by the Sea. The property managers were pleased with CAMP’s stellar communication, transparency, and the remarkable craftsmanship displayed throughout the repair processes.

Before & After

The successful collaboration between CAMP Facility Services and the property managers stands as a testament to the team’s ability to exceed expectations, leaving a lasting positive impact on the communities they serve.