Case Study - Mitigation and Restoration

Hampstead Apartments


About the project

CAMP Facility Services takes immense pride in offering mitigation and restoration that meets the diverse needs of our clients.
We approach mitigation and restoration with prompt responsiveness and the utmost care. Our expertise in comprehensive mitigation and restoration strategies is unmatched, ensuring every client receives solutions that stand the test of time.


With an extensive scope, a budget of $5 million, and 20 to 40 individuals working at a time, the Hampstead was an 18-month project that showcased CAMP’s ability and talent in restoration solutions. The property needed restoration contractors to help them rebuild, and they called in CAMP to mitigate the damage.

Challenge 1

After a car fire in the parking garage at the Hampstead Apartments, smoke damage escalated into 36 affected units and plumbing systems.

Challenge 2

Smoke from the fire traveled through the pipes into the units, causing extensive smoke damage that dramatically increased the overall scope of work.

Challenge 3

The project timeline was delayed after Hurricane Harvey.


The CAMP team quickly got to work assessing the damage. The parking garage itself had to be restored, as it was where the fire initially originated, yet it was the damage to the apartment complex itself that proved to be the most extensive. Once the complex was cleared and residents were safely moved out, we fenced off the garage area to begin work.

Solution 1

With dozens of families displaced by the fire, our team swiftly investigated and repaired the damage.

Solution 2

As units were renovated, multiple layers of the building’s interior had to be replaced: drywall, flooring, insulation, cabinets and countertops, paint, and AC cleaning.

Solution 3

When fires occur, significant damage is not immediately visible, and it requires extensive recovery. If the entirety of the property isn’t recovered at once, there will be recurring problems. CAMP’s skilled specialists and contractors could take care of pipes, insulation, and all other critical structural issues.


CAMP ensured that The Hampstead looked as good as new so it could move forward with its business goals. Once the project was completed, the complex was able to rebrand, recover, and refill its units immediately. Today, The Hampstead is a premier, luxury apartment building in Houston’s Museum District, sought after by many of the city’s residents.


Though the scope of the restoration changed considerably from the beginning to the end of the project, CAMP was still able to coordinate dozens of workers at a time and manage a full-scale recovery with a $5 million budget.