Commercial Services Case Study

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions

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About the project

CAMP Facility Services takes immense pride in offering commercial services that meet the diverse needs of our clients.
We approach each project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our expertise is vast and our comprehensive services ensure every client receives solutions that stand the test of time.


When companies purchase commercial buildings, that often comes with the need to renovate to the specifications of the business and its operations. When you need to get your business started, it’s important to hire one contractor to do it all.

Challenge 1

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions had a commercial space that needed comprehensive interior renovation design to complete a beautiful medical spa center.

Challenge 2

In addition to full-scale interior renovations, the building also needed electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire alarm systems to connect to central building infrastructure.

Challenge 3

The project faced significant challenges due to design issues. These design challenges impacted the overall timeline of the gray shell buildout for 4Ever Young.


Led by Senior Superintendent Carie Bradshaw and the CAMP DC Team, the crew went to work to get 4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions up and running.

Solution 1

CAMP actively engaged with the client and subcontractors to address the design issues systematically. Through collaborative problem-solving sessions, innovative solutions and alternatives were proposed to overcome the challenges posed by the initial designs.

Solution 2

Understanding the critical nature of design modifications, CAMP facilitated constant communication and coordination among stakeholders. This ensured that proposed solutions aligned with the client’s vision while meeting the regulatory standards.

Solution 3

Recognizing the need for additional support, CAMP liaised with the City Building Department to navigate design-related complexities. Open communication channels were established to streamline the approval process and address regulatory concerns.


Despite the challenges posed by design issues, CAMP’s proactive problem-solving approach, effective stakeholder coordination, and regulatory expertise culminated in successfully completing 4Ever Young in Falls Church, Virginia. The project met and exceeded client expectations, showcasing CAMP’s commitment to delivering exceptional results in commercial buildout projects.

Before & After

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions in Falls Church, Virginia, presented a unique set of challenges during the initial stages of the project. The architectural complexities, coupled with coordination hurdles, necessitated a comprehensive reassessment and collaboration among stakeholders to devise effective solutions. Following meticulous planning, collaboration, and unwavering dedication, Camp successfully transformed the initial challenges into a thriving and aesthetically pleasing med spa/anti-aging center.