Case Study - Renovations

The Hague Towers

The full scale renovations of the Hague Towers.

About the project

At CAMP Facility Services, we take immense pride in offering renovations that meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Led by General Manager Mario Dimaio and Superintendent Jesse Hartman, CAMP Facility Services embraced the monumental task of revitalizing The Hague Towers with determination and ingenuity. Situated 21 stories high along the Chesapeake Bay, the project involved renovating the Sky Lounge and a hallway, facing unexpected challenges, and utilizing additional contractors to get the job done.


The renovation of the Hague Towers completely transformed the 21st floor of the building, revamping the pool, fitness center, clubroom, hallway, and sky deck into modern and luxurious spaces.

Challenge 1

The towers’ challenging location required all materials and equipment to be hoisted to the worksite using a crane.

Challenge 2

Unexpected roof failures on the top floors posed a significant structural challenge, necessitating immediate action to ensure safety and stability.

Challenge 3

Coordinating material deliveries, waste disposal, and additional building repairs within a tight timeline required meticulous planning and agile execution.


CAMP’s strategy and project management resulted in overcoming many design challenges due to poor design and code violations. With the help of contractors for roofing and HVAC assistance, CAMP tackled The Hague Towers project with tenacity. After years in business, even projects that don’t go as smoothly as possible are no match for our team’s capabilities. The CAMP difference is about communication and transparency during each project phase.

Strategic Construction Schedule:

CAMP devised a customized delivery schedule synchronized with waste disposal to help optimize efficiency. Our team worked with two other companies for scheduling reasons and resource sharing. Whatever it takes to get the job done is how we do business.

Timely Repairs and Installation:

Swift action and collaboration led to deploying specialized steel joists to restore the roof’s integrity, allowing the renovation to continue.

Comprehensive Project Management:

Proactive identification of building deficiencies and seamless integration of repairs into the renovation project ensured that timelines were met and quality was upheld.


The successful completion of The Hague Towers comprehensive renovation project stands as a testament to CAMP’s dedication and expertise. Guided by strong leadership and meticulous planning, any challenges faced were met head-on with determination. CAMP has since embarked on four new renovation projects within Hague Towers. Our team has solidified an excellent working relationship with Asset Living because of our industry knowledge and how easy it is to do business with us.
The Hague Towers Outside upper deck


Facing the challenge of renovating the 21st-story Sky Lounge overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, the CAMP Facility Services team tackled each obstacle with determination and, where needed, adaptability.